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The process of mud bath

The effect of mineral mud in health care, beauty and healing has been recognized worldwide,So far, the mud bath - mineral bath is still a unique type of tourism. Enjoyed by domestic and international travelers. Rational exploitation and efficient use of natural resources available for tourism needs, It is also the treatment of local people, as well as domestic and foreign visitors.
Steps to take Mud bath Nha Trang
It can be said that the process of mud bath is quite complicated. But here’re four main steps to be noticed:
1. Step 1: Take a hot shower to clean your body
After changing clothes, tourists are instructed to clean their bodies with hot mineral water in a yard with plenty of faucets sprayed from the ground.

2. Step 2: Mud bath
Then come the main stages: mud bath, mud on the face, on the hair and the whole body.

3. Step 3: Sun drying
After 15 minutes immersing in the mud, the third step is sun exposure. This step is important as the skin can have time to absorb all the minerals in the mud.

4. Step 4: Clean the mud
The last step is to clean the mud, then soak in hot mineral water reservoir , swimming pools and waterfalls. Do not forget to enjoy hydrotherapy and zaccuzi. It really amazing !!!

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