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After booking the services, you can choose the following payment menthods:

  • Pay in advance: transfer payment via bank account.
  • Pay later: pay directly at Thap Ba Mud Bath. If you choose this menthod, you will not be got preferential policies of Thap Ba Mud Bath and will not be prioritized to reserve for senior services.


  • Please select in the "PAYMENT" section: Transfer.
  • You can transfer directly at the bank's counter; via Internet Banking; at the ATM or via the phone application.
  • Note: The transfer fee is paid by you.

Implementation: In the " Content Notes" , please write the following syntax: pay for order  [ order code].

     Example: Pay for order TB123456SM

Account information:

– Account holder: Sao Mai 21st Century Co., Ltd 

– Account number: 0061 0011 53717

– Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam , Nha Trang branch

After successful payment to account, Thap Ba Mud Bath will send  confirming email "You paid" and the order code is valid.


Please select in the "PAYMENT" section: Direct payment at Thap Ba Mud Bath.

You come to Thap Ba Mud Bath on the day of booking  (if you have booked the date), give the order code to ticket sales staffs and pay directly in cash or cards (domestic ATM or Visa, Master cards)  at the ticket counter.

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