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  1. How far is it from Nha Trang city centre to Thap Ba Mud Bath?

Answer:  It is about 4 km from Nha Trang City centre to Thap Ba Mud Bath  toward the North, near Thap Ba PoNagar. The best time to use services is from 8:00 - 17:00. 

  1. How to get to Thap Ba Mud Bath?

Answer: You can get taxi, or motorbike taxi , it takes about 15 or 20 minutes( depend on the location of the hotel).

  1. Do I need to bring swimsuit – towel when going to Thap Ba Mud Bath ?

Answer: If you do not like to use the swimsuit of Thap Ba Mud Bath, you can use your own swimsuit but it has to follow the Company's regulations, please read "regulations and recommendations" for details.

For swimming pool and mud bath services: You need to bring your own swimsuit - towels or rent with 10,000 VND / swimsuit , towel is the same.

For the other services: free swimsuit and towels. 

  1. Can I bring food and alcohol into Thap Ba Mud Bath area ?

Answer: You can bring cooked food, fruit, use hutch at the pool area.You mustn’t bring gas stoves and explosive substances into Thap Ba Mud Bath area. Thap Ba Mud Bath has restaurants with resonable prices so you do not afraid of hungry after soaking. 

  1. After soaking in mud do I need to take a bath with shampoo and shower gel again ?

Answer: You should not bath with shower gel / shampoo again because it will lose the effect of mineral mud on the skin, you should only shower with water again. 

  1. Can mud and mineral bath be used in case of open skin wound and skin diseases ?

Answer: For 02 above cases, it is not recommended to use mud bath and hot mineral water services, because it will affect yourself wounds and affect the psychology of other guests. 

  1. Can people with unstable blood pressure soak in mud and hot mineral water ?

Answer: For the above cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the bath soaking time, should take a bath for 5 – 7 minutes then take a rest 10 minutes. If you feel tired and stunned, please call immediately the staff of Thap Ba Mud Bath to get help on time. 

  1. Do soak in mud and mineral water have curative effects ?

Answer: All pathologies should be recommended or indicated by doctors, so hot mud and mineral water have no therapeutic effect as many people believe, the effect of mud and mineral water give refreshing and happier spirit when you can relax with friends or family members. 

  1. Can I get inside to look and keep luggages when i don't take a bath ?

Answer: According to the Company's regulations, you do not have mud bath tickets, you can not visit mud bath area, please buy tickets for Swimming Pool to go inside, you can swim, relax and wait for your relatives at this area.

The Thap Ba Mud Bath has a valuable counter (free), and The company is not responsible when you manage your personal belongings yourself.

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