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After completing the payment in advance , your order code is confirmed to be effective, however, when the code hasn’t used yet, you can cancel - change the date of using services

  1. Validity of order code:

The order code is used once and valid for use until 15:00 of the date - the last month of the year of issuance of the order code.

Order code is changed the date 02 times in the year of issuing the order code.

  1. Regulations for booking time and using the services.
  • Swimming pool service; collective mud; hot mineral mud; Special herbal mud: You don’t need to book in advance the date of using services, including Holidays / Tet.
  • Nui Spa and Mud Bath in the private room.

– You have to book in advance the date and time of using services.

– In case you want to change the date of using the services: please notify berofe 10h00 of the date using the services.

– In case you have confirmed the time - date of using the services with Thap Ba Mud Bath but you did not come to use the services before 14:00 on the same day, it is considered that you canceled the services. Thap Ba Mud Bath only refunds  50% of the amount you paid.

  • Note: Each service has the receiving time for the last guests and the end time, please read the "Regulations and recommendations" page for more information.
  1. Policies of cancelation and exchange.
  • Cancellation fee: 10% of the amount you have paid in advance.
  • Time for refund: within 03 working days (excluding weekends / holidays ...) from the date the order code is canceled successfully.
  • Refund form: transfer payment.
  • Applying a cancellation - exchange policies:

– You send a asking email  to cancel 100% of the paid order.

– Amount of money that you pay for the real services is lower than a mount of money you paid in advance. (because you change the services or change the number of guests).

– You arrive before the booking date and there are not available rooms /clusters (for Mud bath in the private room/ Nui Spa ).

  • For more information, please contact:

– Email:

– Working hours: 0258 38 37 205 or Zalo: 034 947 6638

Liên hệ ngay 084 857 85 85
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