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Forming an unique idea.

Nha Trang is a tourist city famous for its blue sea and golden sunshine, a mild climate, so from the 90s, Khanh Hoa province has brought the tourism service  become one of the key economic sectors of the province.

In 1994 : Discovering a source of hot mineral water in Dac Loc village, Vinh Phuong commune, Nha Trang city. After analysis, hot mineral water is used to soak and relax.

In 1995: Inorganic mud appears in Ninh Loc commune, Ninh Hoa town.This Mud meets the standard for bathing and relaxing.

In 1998: Mr. Ho Tan give an unconventional unique idea in Nha Trang that combined two natural products "mud and hot mineral water" to create a relaxing  travel service.

Construction and development.

In 1999, Sao Mai 21st Century Co., Ltd was established and started construction of Thap Ba Hot Spring Spa (called Thap Ba Mud Bath Nha Trang).

In 2000, Sao Mai 21st Century Co., Ltd. opened mud and hot mineral water bath services and the first warm mineral water pool in Nha Trang city.

In 2003, Sao Mai 21st  Century Co., Ltd invested to build  a separate Spa area with mud bath in private rooms; pool of hot mineral water with massage therapies with natural herbs.

 In 2014 - 2016, Sao Mai 21st Century Co., Ltd continues to rebuild  whole area of collective mud bath and hot mineral bath.

In 2016, Sao Mai 21st  Century Co., Ltd opening Nui Spa service, give visitors a new experience when being immersed with nature to enjoy mud and hot mineral water bath.

Vision and mission

Through 20 years of development, Thap Ba Nha Trang Mud Bath has continued to be a prestigious tourism trademark inbound and outbound.

With the dedication of all employees, Thap Ba Nha Trang Mud Bath committed to give the relaxation to visitors through the quality of mud and natural hot mineral water.

One day, you try to let go out of the work and take a little time to go to Thap Ba Nha Trang Mud Bath to experience a feeling of "floating" in the smooth mud and enjoy the "the heat" of the natural water source grant for Thap Ba Mud Bath, Nha Trang Khanh Hoa tourism.


Please contact the Sales Department:

Address: 438 Ngo Den Street (15 Ngoc Son) - Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.

Phone: (0258) 38 35 335 - 38 35 345.

Zalo: 034 947 6638




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