Giỏ hàng

Something different for a getaway from the beach

Definitely worth booking through the website and selecting pay on arrival. For 440k VND we got transfers, private mud bath and soak spa as well as lunch and access to the rest of the facilities. It is worth paying the extra $3-4 for the private baths. The ladies at the check in counter are super friendly and very helpful but the guys running the mud baths don’t seem to like their jobs very much. The whole process works very well despite there being bus after bus of people churning through the doors. The mud was different but the hot soak/spa was the highlight for our group. Catching the 1.00pm transfer it only took us 15 minutes to get to the spa whilst picking up three extra groups. You leave feeling refreshed so well worth spending a few hours here and deserves a place on your itinerary.

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