Giỏ hàng

Relaxing place with family

Since our tour ended much earlier than expected, I opted to try out this mud bath since it seems to be a must do for everyone visiting Nha Trang. Never thought my parents would agree to try out together but we had a great time together in the private mud pool later. We took the private mud pool for 3 person for the entire experience. There is a signboard to teach you on the private hot mineral mud bath process but since the board was placed at the mineral pool, we only saw it later. Will attach it as a pic for all to view here in my review. We obviously stayed longer in the mud bath than we were supposed to (probably up to 30 mins). By private, it actually means you have your own tub but doesn't mean you will have your own room. But it was alright and fun to see others enjoying themselves in the mud bath too. After going through the process, there is a swimming pool for you to swim in. When I was there, there wasn't too many tourists around so it was still enjoyable and peaceful in a sense. I was there at around 10+ in the morning. Since swimming trunks and suit are provided, you do not have to bring your own. You can lock up your belongings in the lockers provided as well. I would highly recommend this place ( Nha Trang Thap Ba Mud Bath) to have a good family time or even with friends. A must visit in Nha Trang

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