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Best time we spent in Nha Trang!

After a busy morning touring the main attractions of Nha Trang (Po Nagar Cham Towers, Long Son Pagoda, Nha Tho Nui - reviewed separately) we got a taxi to Thap Ba Mud Bath ( famous attraction) around lunchtime.

Looking back now, this is the best thing we did in Nha Trang! We had a lovely few hours relaxing and soaking in the hot mud tubs, mineral baths and then by the pool and would most definitely recommend. It was very quiet when we visited (indeed we had the private tub area completely to ourselves), and although the pool area was busier we were easily able to get a lounger and waiter service.

A private tub is 700,000VND (£23) for two, swimwear and towel rental are included for free in this package and also complimentary bottle of waters. The communal mud bath is 200,000VDN (£7) each but we did not see this area is in a completely separate location to the private area that we were in.

After changing and putting our things in the lockers (note changing facilities could definitely be improved upon) we wandered through to the private tubs. We were a bit unclear what to do, having a look around, until a member of staff appeared after a while and filled a tub for us - don't do this yourselves apparently! The tubs are really a wooden bath for 2 and we were surprised the mud was cool, I don't know why but we were expecting it to be hot. The wooden tubs are all in a row together, but we were the only ones there at the time. We were allowed to soak for as long as we wanted as was extremely quiet, but after approx 30 minutes decided to move on. There were information boards around:

1. Take a warm mineral water shower for 5 minutes
2. Soak in the mud for 20 minutes
3. Sunbath while you still have the mud on you
4. Take another mineral water shower
5. Then shower in strong water jets
6. Use the Jacuzzi for 3 to 5 minutes
7. Soak in the hot mineral water (37 to 40 degrees) for 30 minutes
8. Go under the waterfalls
9. Relax by the pool

Walking through the water jets was fun! Then the jacuzzi was absolutely boiling hot! Couldn't last longer than a few minutes here. The mineral baths were also really hot too, so didn't manage to last the full 30 minutes before we decided to head to the pools to cool off.

There are two pools, close together, and two waterfalls just behind the pools. All around are shaded sun loungers and staff are keen to bring food/drinks to your seats. What really surprised me was the price and the quality of the food; 385,000VND (£13) for a huge platter of spring rolls, enormous meat kebabs and a bowl of chips (we were stuffed!), plus a few cocktails each! These didn't feel like the usual inflated tourist prices you find poolside and all was delicious.

Recommended to wear dark swimwear, although ours easily washed clean afterwards. Open 7am until 7pm, advised to aim to arrive around 9am before other guests however we must have been lucky as was very quiet when we arrive early afternoon, but busier poolside. Expect to spend minimum 3-4 hours here, we left after 4 hours but could easily have spent longer relaxing by the pool. I would definitely go back to Thap Ba Nha Trang Mud Bath if we ever return to Nha Trang.
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