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Enjoyable Day In The Mud

Was pleasantly surprised with our experience at Thap Ba mud bath! We followed many people's Trip Advisor advice and went early in the morning on a week day. I think we arrived around 9.30am. We had seen the price/experience on here, so we knew what we were after and just pointed to the private mud bath experience for 2 ppl. It cost 700 000 vnd for the 2 of us and includes a private mud bath, hydrotherapy, jacuzzi, mineral bath and then use of the pool for the day

. We loved the milky mud bath - it was so cool! The workers could be a bit cranky, but I probably would be as well watching a bunch of couples canoodle in mud all day lol You get 20 mins in the bath, although I think the timing is highly dependent on how many more people rock up and need a tub. If it's busy - it looks like you're probably getting your time cut short a bit.

After the bath, you shower and then hit the torture chamber (aka hydrotherapy). Like many have said, it can be a bit painful - I didn't think it was too bad, but didn't find it necessary to lose a layer of skin and stay in it for 5 minutes. You then hit the jacuzzi for 5-10 minutes and walk down the path to your private mineral spa where you soak for 30 mins (again - time varies depending on how busy it is/how much the workers are paying attention). We didn't time any of our experiences, but we just kind of made sure that we weren't being kicked out before people that arrived before us... We had no issues.

After the whole experience you can lounge by the pool and grab some food/drinks. We didn't find it overly busy/ run down with tour buses while we were there. Maybe it's because we visited on New Year's Eve... Anyways, food and drinks are cheap and we stayed for about 2 hours just lounging before heading off.

We both wore our own bathers and they weren't ruined at all by the mud.

Tip: Get your taxi driver to stop at Po Nagar Cham Towers either on the way to/from the baths. It's literally on the way and a cool little stop to have a wonder around for 10 mins or so. I think it cost like 20 000 vnd each.
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