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Lying calm and serene around the warm waters of Van Phong Bay, the Diep Son Island has three different small green islands interconnected to one another through a sand bridge. Located in the northern part of Nha Thang, these islands are known for their low tides and curving sandbars. The long sweep of white sands split between the islands with a blue bay in the background makes it a picturesque place.

What to explore around?
The long and palm-thatched restaurants around Diep Son Islands are known for providing quite reasonable seafood and drinks, with some water sports and kayaking adventurous activities to the tourists. Fishing, snorkeling and jet skis are other adventurous activities one can do around the island.

The significance of Diep Son Island:
The sea water in Diep Son Island remains shallow most of the year and is a lovely place to have a sea dip.In spite of the increased tourism activities, the well-maintained island is all set to receive tourists throughout the year. Walk through the island to witness the lush green trees and some rocky mountains. Nearby the coastline, you can find thecalabur cherry and mango trees, while on the island you can explore rare plant species like eucalyptus and cacti.

The ideal time to visit Diep Son Island:
The best time to travel and explore Diep Son Island is between December and June. During these months, the sea remains quite calm and walking through the sand patches will be quite easy. Rowing around the island in a boat is comfortable during this period and people who tend to get seasickness must be choosing these particular months to visit Diep Son Island.

Planning your trip:
If you are planning to visit Diep Son Island, then make it a three to four days trip as there are many things to explore in and around. Make sure to reach the island before evening, so that you can get inside a tent and live the night by the water. Some tour operators do provide bamboo hut at an affordable price rate to live along the bay as per your convenience. Watching the blue sea, sky, and mountains at night with stars shining above them, shall make your trip to Diep Son a memorable one.

How to reach?
You can reach to Diep Son by a combination of sea and road transport between Van Gia Village, Hon Bip Island, and Van Nha Trang City. Both these transportations are budget-friendly, which has brought in many tourists visiting the beautiful island every other year. The boat tickets are quite easy to purchase and mostly the tour operator shall do the job for you. Moreover, you can pick the type of boat to travel, and it is available as a fast boat and as a slower wooden boat. The wooden ones take some time to reach the destination, but the view and driving through the island is pure bliss to experience.
Diep Son Island, without a doubt, is a beautiful place that is worthy enough to visit more than once in your lifetime.


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