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Грязевая ванна в отдельном номере Пакет 02

Грязевая ванна в отдельном номере Пакет 02

Время оказания сервисов: 9.00 – 17.00Время приема последнего клиента: 14.00

Услуги включают:

- Отдых в отдельном номерe  (c 9:00 до 17:00)

- процедура с горячей грязью (20 мин.)

- Процедура с минерально-термальной водой и лечебными травами.(35 мин.)

- Массаж тела (60 мин.):  + рефлексотерапия с применением лечебных трав.(15 мин.)

- Баня,Сауна.

- Водопад, Бассейн с минерально-термальной водой.

Душ шарко, джакузи.

  • Бесплатно: закуски по меню, фрукты, чай, имбирный джем,
  • купальники, полотенца и бутылка минеральной воды 350 мл.

Прейскурант цен на сервисы:

Доплата за третьего человека:

Hotline: (0258) 38 37 205 - 0983 731 841.

Пакет 02 - Номер для 1 чел

  • Children have to go with adults.
  • Children are  under 1 meter wii be free.
  • Children are over 1.4 meter  need to buy adult tickets.
  • Costumes are allowed  to wear  when bathing in Thap Ba Mud Bath are swimsuit or short and sleeveless shirt ( jean and wool material are not allowed)
  • People with heart disease, high blood pressure: should soak about 10 minutes, then take a rest for 5 minutes.
  • Alcohol, beer and other stimulants should not be taken during the time of soaking.
  • Do not jump head down into the pool.
  • Instructions for using online tickets:

You will receive the confirmation email immediately, with the order code immediately after completing the booking.

Please show the confirmation email to the ticket seller to be served.

Please arrive on the scheduled date (before 14:00).

  • Change date of use:

You can change the time for using services, just notify us before 10am on booked date.

You can change the date for  using services up to 02 times/ order.

Please contact hotline 0258 3837205 (working hours) or 0983731841 (out of working hours) to change the time for using services.

After completing the payment in advance , your order code is confirmed to be effective, however, when the code hasn’t used yet, you can cancel

  • Cancellation time: before 10 am on booked date.
  • Cancellation fee: 10% of the amount you have paid.
  • Time for refund : within 3 days of successful cancellation.
  • Please contact hotline 0258 3837205 ( working hours) or 0983731841 (out of working hours) to be guided how to cancel the services.
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Пакет 02 - Номер для 2 чел

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Номер для 2 чел
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