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Special herbal mineral mud bath


Serving time: 07:30- 18:00

Sold out: 17:00

Special herbal mud bath service is a combination of hot mineral mud bath and hot herbal mineral water to help you have an enjoyable relaxation experience. With natural herbs, precious medicinal herbs ... mixed into natural hot mineral water (40 degrees Celsius) will increase relaxation, stimulate blood circulation, help refresh the spirit, reduce fatigue and increase vitality in life.

Services included:

  • Soak in hot mineral mud (20 mins).
  • Soak in hot herbal mineral water  (30 mins).
  • Use jacuzzi, hydrotherapy in private area .
  • Use services of hot mineral swimming pool.
  • Free : swimsuit, towel and 01bottle of water.

Services price included VAT, please inform if you need to issue VAT invoice.



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