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Update the  famous tourist destinations in Nha Trang 2020

Nha Trang is famous as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Not only have beautiful beaches but also there are lots of the attracted destinations.

  1. Hon Chong Promontory

Ticket: 22.000 vnd/ aduls and 11.000 vnd/ child.

Address: Vinh Phuoc ward , Nha Trang city , Khanh Hoa province. 

  1. Ponagar tower

These are some of the best-preserved pieces of Cham architecture in Vietnam, Built between the 7th to the 12th centuries, this temple is dedicated to the goddess of the country, Yan Po Nagar, and is still used for worship by the remaining descendants of the Cham culture that once flourished throughout the country.

Ticket: 22.000 vnd/ aduls and 11.000 vnd/ child.

Address: 2/4 street, Vinh Phuoc ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. 

  1. Nha Trang Thap Ba Mud Bath

Nha Trang Thap Ba Mud Bath is a great place to relax and rejuvenate after a day of exploring Nha Trang. Great for a temporary retreat away from the bustling city, the hot springs centre is set against a mountain backdrop with plenty of greenery and flowers. It is also fitted with private and shared mud-baths, herbal-bath, Jacuzzi, waterfall, swimming pool, and sauna

Address: 438 Ngo Den, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.

  1. Mun island

Entrance fee: 22,000 vnd / adult and  11,000 vnd / child.

- Scuba diving: 500,000 vnd/ person.

- Ticket for coracle : 50,000 vnd / adult and  10,000 vnd / child. 

Address: Vinh Nguyen ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.

  1. Institute of Oceanography

You won’t find a huge number of museums in Nha Trang, but one that you can visit is the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam.

Like almost everything else in the region, the museum has a maritime theme as well as a large aquarium.

Here you will find a wide variety of colorful fish and there are also some rare indigenous underwater creatures here that are worth the visit alone.

Some of the resident marine life that you can see here includes sea horses, sharks and turtles and this is a great choice if you are travelling with younger visitors

Ticket: 40.000 vnd/adult , 20.000 vnd/student and 10.000 vnd/ pupil.

Address: Tran Phu Street, Vinh Nguyen ward , Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

  1. Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Ticket:  150,000vnd / adult and 75,000 vnd/ child.

Address: Hon Mieu, Nha Trang bay , Khanh Hoa province. 

  1. Monkey island

Ticket:  180,000 vnd/ adult and 90,000 vnd/ child.

Address: Hon Lao, Nha Trang city , Khanh Hoa province.

  1. Doc Let beach

Ticket: 50,000 vnd/ adult and 25,000 vnd/ child ( including entrance+ chair + shower)

Address: Ninh Hoa town , Khanh Hoa province

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